I am Alis. Not Alis in wonderland but Alis with an S. I am the owner and founder of Collaboration Growers.

I have worked more than 15 years in Sustainability and Strategic Procurement. I have worked for companies like Lego, Grundfos, Danfoss and VELUX. Check out my Linkedin profile right here.

I have, together with professional partners, solved complex challenges for a list of companies around the world and I will be happy to share the list of references and results with you. Please contact me directly.

I used to run the company Responsible Procurement Excellence – but the world needs more collaboration and not audits. That’s why I changed my horse. I also build Wheeley. It’s a social and Circular company trying to revolutionize bike-sharing systems across the world by adding the newest app technologies and service friendly foot bikes. If you would like to learn more about Wheeley, please contact me. I would love to share our story.

I strongly believe that some of the biggest challenges which the world is facing can be solved through Collaboration and Trust. That is why I have made that my lifemission. At the same time I am dreaming of a world where resources are recirculated and where we have created a more sustainable world for the generations to come. Learn more about what we believe right here.

We help companies move to more open forms of innovation and collaboration with external partners. We are Eco-innovation system builders. We are doing that by mobilizing capabilities and resources for mutual benefits and by building more trust. Thereby we help build businesses grow and transform. Collaboration in it’s finest version. Learn more about what we do right here.