You have an existing business. You are looking for ways to grow your business – or simply keep up with your competitors.
You know that you have to start building a more open innovation ecosystem. Perhaps you want to build Circular strategies and execute on it.

Someone who can help you:

  • Define the Ecosystem need’s (vision and strategy) and build the internal awareness
  • Build the guiding governance (culture, competencies, stakeholder, rolesĀ & responsibilities, trust meter)
  • Define the collaboration platform
  • Build the customer collaborative activities (involvement, communication & assistance)
  • Execute – and get moving on the vision and strategy (Seek ideas and partners, assess willingness, build trust)
  • Stay on top of things (roles and responsibilities, processes, trust maintenance)
  • Build and Execute a Circular Strategy or Concept


  • Increased innovation efficiency and speed and reduced time to profit
  • Optimized innovation portfolio value and improved innovation profitability
  • Customers of choice: By working collaboratively and sharing subsequent benefits, companies will attract more value from new and existing partners
  • By working more collaboratively product pipelines are enhanced using combined knowledge and intellectual property
  • Partnering in new ways can lead to disruptive new business models and keep your organization ahead of the competition
  • Strategic guidance to ensure that any organization that needs to work with others can best prioritize where and how it applies its collaboration efforts and address the inevitable conflicts that will occur.
  • Practical planning and implementation advice to ensure that change can be delivered effectively across networks of interconnected organizations through the collaboration of the individuals and teams involved.


  • Personal mentoring
  • Consulting
  • Interim Management
  • Inspirational talks 1:1 and in larger groups
  • Collaboration Game: Try or buy
  • Circular Business Change Manager: Learn the skills to become an effective Circular Change Manager
  • REUSE workshops: Bring in your team for a 1 or 2 days workshop where we boost their creativity and circular skills