As a Circular Business Change and Development Manager you will typically have the following challenges:

  • The need for knowledge to assess resource risks and quantify environmental impact;
  • Organisational challenges when shifting to a circular company, like requiring new skills from employees;
  • Financial challenges due to changes in business model, like a decrease in cash flow and financing or a growth in staffing;
  • Legal challenges due to the changing relationships between supplier and buyer, creating the need for new legal agreements;
  • Challenges for the tax system, as the development of resources and products will change.

In this course we will:

  • Allow you to explore how and where the circular economy can create value for your business
  • Give you the tools to develop a strategy that matches your business and helps you redesign your business to accelerate the transition to become more circular
  • Allow you to explore how LCA tools can support you in measuring the transformation
  • Give you the Change Management tools to ensure a proper transformation: Direction, Alignment & Commitment.

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